10 Year Guarantee on our products. T&C APPLY.


For peace of mind we will assign a 24h Guard to your premises in case of a break-in was through our products. T&C APPLY


1st YEAR FREE Maintenance guarantee

/ we service and inspect your gate to make sure you are well protected


We supply a mounted Pepper Spray unit with every security gate order.


Our products are manufactured out of hardened Aluminium, extruded in South Africa and have a SABS approved standard.






It is SPRING, and SUMMER is fast approaching. With the prospects of holidays and family outings, we need to be able to step away from our homes and businesses confident that all our precious belongings will be safe while we are away. In preparation of these long awaited periods of R&R, we have gone through extreme lengths to ensure we are ready. Homes have been spring cleaned, renovations have or are being done, we went on a diet and primped and primed our winter bodies to be summer ready. Our winter wardrobes are being packed away to make space for those sarongs and bikinis, and we ensure our vehicles are serviced and ready for that long awaited road trip. Even nature is preparing. Everything is green and flowers are blossoming everywhere. We are even having our first proper rains. But, that being said, have we really spring cleaned and polished EVERYTHING? If we are to fully indulge in the promise of a STRESS FREE holiday, we need to ensure that we ALSO dust off and polish our HOME AND BUSINESS SECURITY. Here are some tips on how to ensure intruders are not interested in trespassing on your property: 1. Do a walk-about around the perimeter of you property. Ensure that nothing may be used to scale your fence or hide behind. Trim trees and bushed that may provide entry or shelter. 2. Do the same walk-about around your house. Check that all doors and windows are fitted with security barriers, and that no one will be able to climb onto your roof. Also make sure that there is nothing blocking your vision from within the house. 3. Ensure your yard is clear from debris, gardening equipment and tools. These should be securely locked in a garage or shed as any of these items may serve as a weapon or assist the intruders in breaking in to your home. 4. TEST your entire alarm system. From electrical fencing, gate motors, remotes, panic buttons, CCTV, infra red, beams, motion detectors, sirens, etc. Do this together with your alarm and armed response service providers to ensure they receive proper signals etc. If not, arrange a tech to come and amend the problem immediately. 5. Ensure you have sufficient outside lighting. Ensure these lights function and that motion detectors and day-night-switches are still effective. It may also be a good idea to have these linked to a solar back-up battery should there be a power outage. 6. Correspond with your emergency response service provider to ensure that they have your latest and most up to date contact details, as well as primary and secondary key-holder details. 7. Join your local CPF or neighbourhood watch. This will ensure that you are aware of the latest goings-on in your community. 8. You also need to update and change your alarm pins regularly to ensure that it does not end up in the wrong hands. Limit the number of people who know the pin to people central to your family. 9. Ensure locks are changed if employees leave your employ. Harsh, but in many cases it has been found that a robbery was instigated by a current or ex-employee. 10. Finally, if you have done the above but still feel restless about your security situation, do not hesitate to contact a security specialist in your area to come and professionally assess your situation.

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