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Security Gates

Crimestopper D14

D14 Crime Stopper security gate is our signature product that provides a 10 year guarantee. This “A” grade security level gate is preferred to be used as an outside barrier.....

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Crimestopper SU20

The SU20 Security Gate serves as our “C” graded gate and is normally fitted inside. One slam lock provides instant security.....

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Crimestopper RS20

The RS20 - Retractable Swing Gate - Our economy DIY gate is designed for easy installation, light weight, very strong and very comprehensive.....

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Monkey Proof Gate

A dual purpose solution to you, when living in a monkey infested area. This clever design only available from Crimestopper

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Clear Shield

Now leading the security and enviroment industry with a shield that keeps both creepy crawlers and unwanted crimnals outside.....

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Swing Gates

Not into a retractable gate? No worries, we have you covered with our burglar X design & horizontal bar swing gate that provides...

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Company Profile

Passionate about delivering growth in security gate industry.

Window Guards

Burglar Guards

Affordable, safe, and strong modular guards that secures your family 24/7. With our standard 5 year warranty rust free aluminium.

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Clear View Bars

Imagine surprising an unwanted visitor with our exclusive industry first. Aluminium Alloys with Polycarbonate enforced clear strips being

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Shutters are ideal for light, wind and ventilation control. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home,

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Outdoor Security

Garage Doors

Aluminium sectional and wooden slatted garage doors are with an innovative design which has proved itself worldwide...

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Chromobond – 5-10 year guarantee. with Aluminium Industrial 7 for Coastal conditions. Full all-round Guttering. Plastic down pipes and more!

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Roller Shutter

This product is so underrated in South Africa. In every country this is your basic part of security and comfort...

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Glass and Aluminium

We manufacture and install a variety of Aluminium doors, windows, including stack away doors, double Glazing......

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At Crimestopper we offer a wide range of high quality blinds in a variety of colours and textures.....

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Balustrades options only start when your imagination begins to run out. Let us design your ultimate trimming finish to an awesome balcony

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Keep an eye on your area and make sure everything is safe. Crimestopper is watching.

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E-Guard Systems

Wireless Video & Alarm Verification - Monitoring

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Reliable & Experienced Security Solutions in South Africa

Call Us Today At 0861 754 629 We are available to help 24 hours.

DIY Product Range

Do you feel up for the challenge to install your own SU20 or burglar guards? Choose your product below and watch our "how to install" guide to help you secure your home like a BOSS!

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