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Affordable, safe, strong modular guards that secures your family 24/7. With our standard 5 year warranty rust free Aluminium. The Burglar X is our most popular burglar guard that fits in any window size. Our burglar guards comes with a industry quality warranty and a range of powder coated colors to choose from.

Technical Data Sheet and Product Information

  • Structure:  Hardened T6063 industrial grade Aluminium extrusion developed under Limax Trade and trademarked.
  • Operation: Modular system assembled into the window reveal. Mounts onto the reveal directly into the brickwork as standard fitments instruction. Fitted with 75mm x 8mm coat screws and plugs.
  • Components: 19x19mm x 2mm Aluminium uprights, 16×3 Flat strip scissor X pattern, Screws are covered by a special designed cover clip, that conceals all fixing methods.
  • Strengths: Very versatile product, can fit any size window and any special sized can be requested. No moving parts
  • Corrosion Properties: Anodized and powder-coated Aluminium gives the BX superior strength.
  • Powder Coating Details: 7 year Collocate warranty on paint. Guaranteed for 5 years!

Gate Features


Rust Free

5 Year Guarantee 

No Screws Visible

Fixed all sizes

Quality Finish


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BX Burglar Guard

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