Security Gates

Indoor and Ourdoor Security Solutions

D14 Security Gate
D14 Crimestopper Security Gate

D14 Crime Stopper security gate is our signature product that provides a 10 year guarantee. This “A” grade security level gate is preferred to be used as an outside barrier, providing a double locking protection with a slam and dead lock that ensures fast reaction protection and prevention.

SU20 Security Gate
SU20 Crimestopper Security Gate

The SU20 Crimestopper Security Gate serves as our “C” graded gate and is normally fitted inside. One slam lock provides instant security. No metal to metal moving parts, with nylon guides ensuring easy operation, purpose made to fit any window or door opening.

Monkey Security Gate
Monkeyproof Security Gates

A dual purpose solution to you, when living in a monkey infested area. This clever design only available from Crimestopper leaves your doorway opening unaffected with a 40mm space between bars. You can leave your door open with your fruits on the table.

Swing Gates
Swing Gates

Our Security Swing Gate is not only a formidable barrier against intruders but also a sleek addition to your property's exterior, enhancing its curb appeal and value. Trust us to safeguard your premises with this reliable and stylish security solution.

Retractable Gates
RS20 Retractable Swing Gate

The RS20 – Retractable Swing Gate – Our economy DIY gate is designed for easy installation for the DIY man or woman, light weight, very strong and very comprehensive price to secure those areas where you need sound security.

Clear Shield
Clear Shield

Now leading the security and environment industry with a shield that keeps both creepy and crawlies and unwanted criminals outside. Clear Shield is the modern design in security with high quality stainless steel mesh fitted into aluminium swing or sliding door frame.

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