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We specialize in installing high-end security gates and burglar guards that not only provide unparalleled protection for your home or business but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Our security gates are designed with the latest technology and crafted with precision to ensure seamless integration with your property’s aesthetic. From sleek and modern to classic and ornate, our gates are customizable to suit your unique style.

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Product list

D14 Crimestopper Security Gate

D14 Crime Stopper security gate is our signature product that provides a 10 year guarantee. This “A” grade security level gate is preferred to be used as an outside barrier, providing a double locking protection with a slam and dead lock that ensures fast reaction protection and prevention.

SU20 Security Gate
SU20 Crimestopper Security Gate

The SU20 Crimestopper Security Gate serves as our “C” graded gate and is normally fitted inside. One slam lock provides instant security. No metal to metal moving parts, with nylon guides ensuring easy operation, purpose made to fit any window or door opening.

Monkey Proof Security Gates

A dual purpose solution to you, when living in a monkey infested area. This clever design only available from Crimestopper leaves your doorway opening unaffected with a 40mm space between bars. You can leave your door open with your fruits on the table.

Swing Gates
Swing Gates

Our Security Swing Gate is not only a formidable barrier against intruders but also a sleek addition to your property's exterior, enhancing its curb appeal and value. Trust us to safeguard your premises with this reliable and stylish security solution.

Retractable Gates
RS20 Retractable Swing Gate

The RS20 – Retractable Swing Gate – Our economy DIY gate is designed for easy installation for the DIY man or woman, light weight, very strong and very comprehensive price to secure those areas where you need sound security.

Clear Shield

Now leading the security and environment industry with a shield that keeps both creepy and crawlies and unwanted criminals outside. Clear Shield is the modern design in security with high quality stainless steel mesh fitted into aluminium swing or sliding door frame.

Burglar Guards
Burglar guards

Affordable, safe, and strong modular guards that secures your family 24/7. With our standard 5 year warranty rust free aluminium. This product can be customised with "monkey bars" keeping the monkey business outside. We have a range of BX, BXX, Horizontal Bars and Cottage Panes available

Clear View Bars
Clear View Bars

Imagine surprising an unwanted visitor with our exclusive industry first. Aluminium Alloys with Polycarbonate enforced clear strips being made from the same material as roit protection gear. This product has the strength to keep your home safe and gives your window that futuristic modern look and provides a barrier for unwanted visitors.

Louver shutters

Louver shutters are ideal for light, wind and ventilation control. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, they will also increase the value. Available in standard colours (matt white and matt stone grey) and carries the full Limax guarantee.


Chromobond – 5-10 year guarantee. with Aluminium Industrial 7 for Coastal conditions. Full all-round Guttering. Plastic down pipes and more!


Balustrades options only start when your imagination begins to run out. Let us design your ultimate triming finish to an awesome balcony with a view or a staircase to heaven in Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Wrought Iron designs.


Blinds are a popular window covering option that can provide privacy, light control, and aesthetic appeal to a room. Limax offers a range of different blind styles and materials to suit different needs and preferences.

Driveway Gates

Driveway gates can provide an added layer of security and privacy to a property by controlling access to the driveway. Limax Security offers a range of driveway gates, including automatic gates that can be controlled remotely, as well as manual gates that can be opened and closed by hand.

Garage Doors

Aluminium sectional and wooden slatted garage doors are with an innovative design which has proved itself worldwide as a superior garage door option. The garage doors are made up of sectional and slatted panels, which facilitate easy operation.

Glass and Aluminium

We manufacture and install a variety of Aluminium doors, windows, including stack away doors, double Glazing and standard sliding doors.


We have combined our wood work and our Aluminium range products to create a stylish design with a combination from wood and aluminium.

Roller Shutter

This product is so underrated in South Africa. In every country this is your basic part of security and comfort. The product has so many uses and you might have seen it on Shopfronts and Workshops but the home industry has now added it to their home for security and comfort.

Clearview Gates and Fencing

We offer the renowned Clearview Fencing and Gates to give your home or premises a clear but strong barrier.

Who We Are

Limax Security Specialists

Committed to excellence in all we do, Limax Security Solutions is a South African based security products and service company that leverages the talent and expertise of our employees across our country. We develop and commercialise security products, operating well-equipped facilities to manufacture a range of aluminium products, security gates , burglar bars, roller shutters and garage doors.

Outsurance Service Provider

We repair and replace any product with our Crimestopper Products. Have peace of mind knowing that we are a Outsurance Service Provider!


We offer finance to people who would like to upgrade their security but do not have the initial capital to start security improvements. Contact info@limax.co.za and we will try and help you with your security installations.

Agents Nationwide

We have agents nationwide that can assist you in quoting, installing our product list. Please click on the link to view all our agents.

Our Guarantee

We offer a 10 and 5 Year Guarantee on our security gates. Please read our terms and conditions for more information on our security gates guarantee.

Buy Back Break-in

We are confident in our abilities of over 15 year of excellent service to our customers that our products will be guaranteed against a break-in attempt. Any damage caused by a break-in will be repaired free of charge, or the product will be replaced. T&C Apply

Free Maintenance Spray

Free Maintenance Spray with every Security Gate purchase. We want you to be proud of your product, like we are and maintain it.

Our security gates are manufactured out of hardened Aluminium, extruded in South Africa and have a SABS approved standard.

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Our Vision

We aspire to be the fastest growing Security Barrier company, a leader in the market with international presence, never failing to provide innovative products that stand out from our competitors. Offering our employees training opportunities and career growth.

Our Mission

We value our customers. We believe in having relationships, because we understand that clients are a ongoing business relationship to cherish. We value our clients, supplying their needs for a safe environment for their families and businesses as top priority.

Our Motto

We believe that Limax is the leader in security options with products unmatched in design and value.

DIY Product Range

Do you feel up for the challenge to install your own SU20 or burglar guards? Choose your product below and watch our “how to install” guide to help you secure your home like a BOSS!

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