DIY SU20 Security Gate 2400mm x 2100mm

DIY SU20 Security Gate 2400mm x 2100mm

DIY SU20 security gate was made as an affordable security gate. With single uprights, single “X” flights and a Slam lock covered within a U channel makes this gate unique. There is no room for any tool to break the lock and us impossible to be tampered with.

Gate Features

  • Hardened 20x20mm Aluminum uprights
  • 3.5mm thick “X” braces
  • Slam lock as a standard feature
  • Product treated and anodized
  • Epoxy coated for durable lasting finish
  • Nylon top and bottom rollers for smooth operation

On our website you can view how to install your gate. If you want some assistance please contact our hotline for support.

All fittings, fixtures and screws are included.



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